Planting a church is going to be hard work! It takes a selfless kind of love; the same love Jesus has for you and I. Chelsea and I fully believe that God has led you to this moment-to answer His call, to build His church. But you’re probably thinking…why me?


We know what you’re thinking because we've been there! Giving excuses, being busy with life, thinking we aren’t enough, and believing we are just ordinary people. What we’ve learned is that God wants to use our ordinary for extraordinary purposes. We believe God wants to use the good, the bad, and the ugly of your past to introduce the next person to the love, hope, and transformational power of Jesus. Your story and your voice matter.


We are looking for soldiers who are ready to enlist in God’s army, in God’s mission, with God’s people. Will you join us for at least one year in the battle against the hopelessness of  the world?  Will you join us in introducing the next person to the love, the hope, and the transformational power of Jesus?


Please take 10-15 minutes of your time to fill out our commitment form. This form helps us as a leadership team put together a battle plan of what we need in this time of preparation before launch. Please note, if you are a married couple, you may fill out this form together.